OUr Roadmap

Epsium Strategy and
Project Plan

Mid of Q2 2023

Conceptualization and Planning

Defining the MasterNode Coin vision for mobile and PC games, and setting goals for player rewards, decentralization, and game integration.
Mid of Q3 2023

Listing Coin on Exchange

Developing a blockchain and listing it on exchanges, as well as creating wallets for Windows, Mac, and mobile.
Mid of Q3 2023

Partnerships and Community Building

Identifying interested game developers, platforms, and communities, and forming partnerships for integration into multiple games.
Mid of Q4 2023

Test Integration into gaming ecosystems.

Enabling MasterNode Coin use in games as in-game currency and enabling cross-game reward exchange.
Mid of Q1 2024

Security and Privacy Optimization.

Implementing security for player transactions and data protection, ensuring anonymity and privacy.
Mid of Q2 2024

Initial Release and Acceptance

Releasing the MasterNode Coin in selected games. Gathering player feedback and adjusting the system based on input.
Mid of Q3 2024

Scaling and Expansion

Scaling the MasterNode network to support more games and players. Expanding the system to additional platforms and games.
Mid of Q4 2024

Continuous Development.

Ongoing enhancements based on feedback and technology. Exploring value-added features for players.
Mid of Q2 2025

Building a robust ecosystem

Building a community and promoting partnerships for adoption.

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